Italy tightens national lockdown to combat coronavirus pandemic

24 March 2020
2020-03-24 14:50

The Italian government has announced tougher lockdown restrictions as the country struggles with the increasing death toll.

The interior and health ministers on Sunday issued a joint ordinance banning all domestic travels as the coronavirus epidemic continued to advance in the country. Beginning on Sunday, individuals throughout the national territory are banned to travel, whether by public or private means of transportation, to a municipality that is different from the one in which they find themselves in, the ordinance said.

Italy declared a six-month state of emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic on Jan. 31, that was followed by a nationwide lockdown that went into effect on March 10 through April 3. Health experts said this week is crucial in determining whether the country is managing to fight back. In the meantime, doctors are urging Italians to be patient.

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