Inspection of GTHS (Magwe): Magwe Region CM inspected GTHS (Magwe)

8 February 2023
2023-02-08 15:10

The Magwe Region Chief Minister inspected the completion of constructing three-storied school building which is 192 feet long and 38 feet wide) in the afternoon on February 7.

At the hall of the three-storied school building, the principal of Government Technical High School (Magwe) U Khin Maung Nyunt and a responsible person from the construction company clarified the data about the school building and the status of construction. In responding to the clarifications, the chief minister gave necessary instructions.

Next, the chief minister and party looked around the three-storied school building, provided necessaries facilitated happy and peaceful teaching and learning of the teachers and students, greening and cleaning in the vicinity of the school and the having good look of the school and the sport materials were provided for the sports activities and physical fitness of the students.

The Government Technical High School (Magwe) was opened in 2009 with the aims at extending technical and vocational short term training courses to turn out vocational technicians, promote individual income and create job opportunity and 930 technical and vocational skillful students have been turned out so far and the major subjects given in Government Technical High School (Magwe) included technologies for construction of building, electronic technologies, electrical power, motor vehicle technologies, manufacturing machine parts etc. it’s reported.  

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