Honouring And Talks: Outstanding Physician Authors Honoured, Talks On “Health Literacy”

13 November 2019
2019-11-13 16:43

The Writers’ Society of Myanmar Medical Association (MMA) honored literary award-winning physician authors along with talks at the Myanmar Medical Association (Central) in Yangon on Wednesday.

At the honoring event, Chairperson of MMA Writers’ Society, physician and writer Dr. Tin Tin Win (writer Ju) gave remarks saying that there are over 40 societies under the Myanmar Medical Association, and Writers’ society is the one linking between the medical industry and the people as both active and passive speakers. The health talks are being conducted across the country to promote health awareness among the public.

Chairperson, MMA Writers’ Society, Dr. Tin Tin Win (writer Ju) said “Today, we honoured literary award-winning physician authors although they’re already honoured by others. This can be said gathering and of course I’m really pleased to see those physician authors. This year, we can see many outstanding literary award-winning physician authors – I’m really happy that our physician authors are making the platform between the medical industry and people.”

MMA Writers’ Society presented certificates of honour and commemorative gifts to the award-winning authors. The authors won national literary, Dr. Tin Shwe, Knowledge Digest, Pakokku U Ohn Pe and Sarpay Beikman awards and also from the Tun Foundation.

Managing Director, FAME Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Khin Maung Lwin said “I’ve been honored today for my two award winning books – an award is for the book “Probiotics; Our Real Partner” from Tun Foundation and another is for the book “People Benevolent Bees” from Pakokku U Ohn Pe association. I’ve now got 4 awards for my 39 books. I think honoring motivates our physician authors. I’m going to accelerate my health awareness programme for the public through literature.”

After the honoring ceremony, a talk under the title of “Health Literacy” by physician authors was held to share knowledge and discuss the health literacy and related matters.

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