Hong Kong leader pledges dialogue, asks for violence to stop

10 September 2019
2019-09-10 14:03

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam on Tuesday pledged dialogue and asked for further violence to stop, just after another weekend of sometimes clashes in the former British colony.

HONG KONG CHIEF EXECUTIVE, CARRIE LAM said "The offer of four actions, not just the formal withdrawal of the bill, is not directly to stop these protests or the violence. It is really to extend my sincerity to start a dialogue with the people. So in our view, violence should be stopped for the benefit of Hong Kong, but going forward to mend the rift in society and to bring back peace, then we are very willing to engage people directly in a dialogue."

Lam added that a proposed bill by the U.S. congress, the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, is "completely unnecessary" to interfere in Hong Kong's internal affairs.

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