Honey Business: Myanmar Annually Exports About 4000 Tonnes Of Honey

11 January 2022
2022-01-11 13:48

Myanmar annually exports about 4000 tonnes of honey to abroad from the honey production of the beekeeping businesses and beekeepers from hilly and plain regions.

About 2000 tonnes of honey is used yearly for the domestic consumption and the country fetches foreign income from exporting 4000 tonnes of honey. The beekeepers from 31 townships from 9 regions and states are producing honey and the Apiculture Division under the Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department is arranging for 1.5 million acres of crops for the bees to be pollinated.

Honey is commonly exported to Japan, China, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand.Sunflower honey, palm honey and sesame flower honey are preferred in the market.

Of them, the sunflower honey is mostly demanded in the international market.China is the biggest exporter of honey.The beekeeping business is commercially conducted in PyawBwe and Maeza of the upper Myanmar.

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