Explosion in Laiza: SAC Information Team Leader responded

10 October 2023
2023-10-10 16:19

State Administration Council Information Team Leader Maj-Gen Zaw Min Tun responded the explosion in Laiza. In regard with the incident, the Maj-Gen said that they are still investigating the cause of the incident and they are always maintaining border peace and stability.

He added that they have already said that the Tatmadaw can attack and open fire to any headquarters that areunruly with arms. However, it has been said that there was no attack. There are various news such as the military/Tatmadaw launched an airstrike and some said there was the attack with heavy weapons.

The Maj-Gen reiterated that they can exactly say that the exploded area is a place where the KIA drops bombs to the military bases and columns by using the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).In the past, the KIA ammunition depot was exploded and the KIA has hidden the information. That’s why, they are still investigating the cause of the explosion. He said that they have reviewed that it may be the explosion of drop bomb storage place and they are still investigating the news on the ground.

-- End --