Efforts for Education: Discussion on high passing rate of matriculation exam

26 September 2022
2022-09-26 14:12

Bago Region Chief Minister U Myo Swe Win on Monday addressed a workshop to make discussions on the high passing rate of the matriculation exam in the western Bago Region.

In his address at the No.1 Basic Education High School in Pyay Township, the Chief Minister stressed that the development of a country depends on education, and the future of the country, parents' goals and expectations of students exist in the classroom. 

The Chief Minister also urged the participants who are the basic education high school teachers to use the experience gained from the workshop in teaching the matriculation exam students. In this workshop, experienced professors and heads from the Bago University explained questionnaires and scoring rules process regarding the matriculation exam. For the workshop, 3.4 million Kyats were provided.

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