Detroit Auto Show

14 September 2023
2023-09-14 15:31

Electric vehicles are taking center stage in this year's motor show in Detroit against the backdrop of a tax incentive offered by the US administration for buyers of EVs.

The North American International Auto Show kicked off on Wednesday. The show features more than 30 brands. General Motors and Ford are displaying pickup trucks and electric sport utility vehicles.

Among Japanese automakers, Toyota Motor is also showcasing electric SUVs. Automakers are investing in EVs due to their robust sales in the US market.

The high popularity of EVs in the US market owes a lot to a federal tax credit of up to 7,500 dollars for purchasers of EVs that meet certain requirements, such as those with battery components assembled in North America.

The popularity of EVs is apparently impacting related industries. More than 800 companies are taking part in the Battery Show North America, which opened in a Detroit suburb on Tuesday. 


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