Consumer Affairs: Responsible to provide required information

8 February 2023
2023-02-08 12:56

According to Consumer protection law Chapter 11, section 22 the entrepreneurs must add a noticeable label providing required information including the side effects and chemical reaction on their products.

As the chemical reaction can happen in food and other commodities products due to the several conditions, the entrepreneurs must be aware of it to avoid unnecessary problems. Some products must be placed away from water, some must avoid sunlight and air to prevent chemical reactions that can effect the safety of the consumers.

Under section 23, there are 7 guarantees of goods that entrepreneurs must follow. They are (1) Having an acceptable quality (2) Guaranteeing the goods or services traded or produced based on stipulated standard and quality (3) Safety (4) Meeting the requirements of the consumers (5) Having the same quality and quantity showed on the items (6) Taking responsibility as guaranteed in respect of damage due to consuming goods or using services during the warranty period (7) Complying exactly with the contents of reference for the goods or the promises given in the advertisement.

Only the consumers feel the goods and services they receive are worth paying for, will the businesses can run smoothly. It’s learnt.

-- End --