Clarification on Disinformation: False accusations against No.2 Pangpet Steel Mill

26 November 2023
2023-11-26 17:21

Fake news circulating on social media alleges that the No.2 Pangpet Steel Mill, operating under the Ministry of Industry in Namt Hsi Village-tract, Taunggyi Township of Shan State, is engaged in projects related to weapon manufacturing and uranium production.

The disinformation claims adverse effects on the livelihood of locals along Namttabet Creek, including the destruction of farmlands and an increase in lung cancer cases among middle-aged residents, as reported by the PaO Youth Organization (PYO).

In response to these allegations, an official from the Ministry of Industry has refuted the claims, stating that the facility is not involved in manufacturing arms and ammunition or striving for nuclear production.

The official emphasized that the iron ore produced at the mill primarily consists of hematite and limonite, with only a small amount of silica and alumina. No traces of uranium or plutonium, necessary for nuclear manufacturing, have been found, rendering the nuclear-related accusations false.

The official clarified that the mill's annual production of 200,000 tons of iron ore is aimed at meeting the nation's iron and steel needs. The project is part of the government's strategy for economic development through import substitution, contributing to job creation for Myanmar citizens using both technical and human resources.

The government emphasizes the implementation of long-term plans to utilize industrial raw materials at reasonable prices, with the overall goal of fostering economic development in the country. The dissemination of such false information is intended to harm the economic development of the nation and create misunderstanding among ethnic communities.

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