Chinese cartoon series: NRTA hands over to MRTV

18 September 2019
2019-09-18 10:16

Under the Global Chinese TV Series Program, the National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) of People's Republic of China handed over 3 Chinese cartoon series to Myanma Radio and Television (MRTV) with a ceremony at MRTV in Yangon, Tuesday.

The 3 Chinese cartoon series handed over to MRTV are "Kyar Kwet Lu Nge or Chess Player", "Myauk Payin Chaw or Monkey King" and "Poe Kaung Gyi Oo Yin or Huge Worm Park". The characters of these cartoon series are lovely and their actions are attractive and they will help to improve knowledge of the children.

The event aimed to promote further cultural relations between Myanmar and China, the Deputy Director-General of China NRTA said.

Deputy Director-General, NRTA of People's Republic of China, Wang Gaofeng said “This ceremony is to promote the cultural relations between China and Myanmar. Through this ceremony, Myanmar people will understand more about the tradition, customs and culture of China and it is also aimed to enhance relations between ASEAN countries. These cartoon series highlight on friendly relations of people of the two countries. I hope all the children, young and adults will enjoy these cartoon series.” 

Under the joint TV broadcasting program started in August 2017, Guangxi Radio and Television of China has also handed over more than 300 Chinese cartoon and TV series to MRTV.

Acting Director (MI), Myanma Radio and Television, Kyi Htun said “This kind of ceremony was held the previous year and has planned to organize in coming year. I hope Myanmar people will understand more about traditional culture and customs of Chinese people through this program. It has many benefits. MRTV will proudly broadcast these 3 cartoon series, soon.”

The National Radio and Television Administration of China will broadcast over 70 China TV series at 60 broadcast stations from over 50 countries under the Global Chinese TV Series Program between August and October.

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