China-made Very Large Ethane Carrier Delivered in Shanghai Amid Pandemic

18 May 2022
2022-05-18 10:22

A China-made very large ethane carrier (VLEC) manufactured by China State Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. was delivered in Shanghai on Monday.

As the largest carrier for ethane in the world by far, the vessel features the Type-B cargo quartet tank system. This super-large ethane carrier has a maximum storage capacity of 99,000 cubic meters. In addition, the design of the ship meets the requirements of epidemic prevention. It is also equipped with a separate anti-epidemic fan.

If the spread of the epidemic occurs while the ship is sailing, the relevant personnel can be quickly transferred to the isolation room. The isolation room is ventilated and circulated through the separate anti-epidemic fan, so as to block and control the spread of the virus to the greatest extent. The Type-B cargo quartet containment system developed by Jiangnan Shipyard has broken the monopoly of foreign technology and can transport ethylene at minus 104 degrees and ethane at minus 89 degrees.

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