Beans Market: Beans Market Runs Back To Normal In Mandalay

4 February 2021
2021-02-04 15:36

Beans market is running back to normal in Mandalay, where the local and export bean markets mainly operate.

Beans are mainly exported to China and India. Although the beans demand from China is on decrease during the Chinese New Year period, the bean market is in normal in exporting to India.

The price of bean market is around 110,000 kyats for a bag of bean species with 3 baskets, 70, 000 kyats per 3 baskets Rice Bean and 93,000 kyats per 3 baskets of Green Gram according to the bean stock market and sellers.

Bean species and rice bean markets are expected to be better after the Chinese New Year Festival because the new strains of beans are bought from China, according to the bean stock market.

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