Army Games: Myanmar Tatmataw Teams Competed In International Army Games-2019

19 August 2019
2019-08-19 11:08

The Myanmar Tatmadaw delegation led by Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing attended the closing ceremony of International Army Games-2019 at the Mound of Glory in Moscow of the Russian Federation on 17 August afternoon, according to Office of the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services.

On arrival at the Myanmar booth of the House of Friendship Booths displayed at Patriot Part, the Senior General and party greeted Minister of Defence Army General Sergei Shoigu of the Russian Federation and party and conducted them round Myanmar booth.

The Senior General met and gave works of encouragement to members of the tank troop contest from Myanmar Tatmadaw which participated in the International Army Games-2019 and presented cash awards to them. Afterwards, the Senior General and party together with other attendees viewed competition of tank troop members from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan in the final event of tank driving and shooting in the Tank Biathlon contest.

Then, the Senior General held a meeting with Minister of Defence Army General Sergei Shoigu of the Russian Federation at the hall of Patriot Part separately.

They cordially discussed participation in the International Army Games-2019, further participations in coming years, holding of the games which reflect peaceful co-existence situations of global countries by giving chances of showing defence capability without causing wars and conflicts, assistance for uplifting defence capability of Myanmar, and issues to further strengthen existing friendly relations between the two countries and two armed forces.

After the meeting, the Senior General and the Russian Minister of Defence exchanged commemorative gifts. The Myanmar Tatmadaw delegation led by the Senior General attended the closing ceremony of International Army Games-2019 and also joined the dinner hosted by the Russian Minister of Defence.

First, Russian Minister of Defence Army General Sergei Shoigu awarded winners in the Tank Biathlon event. Then, he spoke words of thanks for participation of contending countries, and he expressed his vow to invite them to take part in the games in coming years.

Afterwards, those present were served entertainments. The Senior General together with senior military officers from respective countries had the dinner. At the dinner, the Russian Ministry of Defence presented the medal awarded by the Russian Minister of Defence for participation in successfully organizing the Army Games to military leaders of the contending countries who cooperated with the Russian Federation in successfully holding the International Army Games-2019.

The Senior General accepted the medal. A total of 39 countries participated in the Army Games-2019 which comprised 32 field capacity events. Ten countries including Russia held the games. Myanmar Tatmadaw took part in the games for the second time with participation in the tank skill event, sniper shooting skill event and the field medical skill event.

Moreover, the cultural troupe from Myanmar Tatmadaw competed in the Creative Competition related to the games. Myanmar’s tank troop stood in the 13th position in the order of countries, the medical team in the 5th  position among 13 teams from 12 countries and the sniper team in the 15th position among 23 teams of 21 countries.

Myanmar Tatmadaw’s cultural troupe performed songs and dances to the accompaniment of Myanmar traditionally musical instruments, securing the best singing award, the best dancing award and the best music playing award among nine countries.

Members of Myanmar Tatmadaw participated in the respective events with relentless diligence and perseverance in the second time competitions. They stood in the good positions in the order of contending countries, securing competition experiences in international military organizations and technological experiences as well as friendly relations. Myanmar Tatmadaw team will participate in the games in coming years.

Credit – C-In-C Office

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