Ancient Temple renovation: Thatbinnyu Pagoda In Bagan Being Renovated

11 January 2022
2022-01-11 13:58

Thatbinnyu Temple in Bagan Archaeological Zone is being renovated with the technical support of China.

The MoU between Myanmar and China on restoration of Thatbinnyu Pagoda was signed on 22ndSeptember, 2018.The Chinese technical team made surveys on renovation of the damaged pagoda before the rainy season in 2019, the pagoda and its environs, itsbuilding and mural paintings, the cracks on the arches and maintenance of tiered roofs. 6.8 magnitude earthquake in August 2016 damaged to 389 ancient pagodas in Bagan including Thatbinnyu temple.

Now, the restoration of Thatbinnyu pagoda is being carried out in cooperation of Chinese technical team and the experienced staffs from the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture without losing original form. 

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