1 dead, 12 missing as typhoon approaches Vietnam

28 October 2020
2020-10-28 13:55

Typhoon Molave killed one person, sank two fishing boats, leaving 12 fishermen missing as it approached Vietnam's south central coast on Wednesday morning, state media reported. The state official news also said that the regional navy has deployed two rescue boats to look for the missing fishermen off the coast in Binh Dinh province, just hours before the typhoon is forecast to make landfall with winds up to 150 kph.

By Tuesday evening, local authorities in the area that could be on the typhoon path had evacuated 40,000 people to safe buildings further inland. Molave is forecast to weaken when it hits Vietnam, but it will still pack strong winds and bring downpour in a vast region, including the already severely flooded north of the country.

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