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After the commencement ceremony for its first zone, Thilawa SEZ has launched development of its second zone.

The commencement of the second zone of SEZ was held at Thilawa on Friday, with the existing 405 hectare (1000 acre).

The first phase of Thilawa SEZ’s Zone B with 101 hectare (250 acres), is slated for completion in mid-2018 although some land plots will be available for leasing to investors by late 2017.

A Philippine senator and staunch critic of President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs was arrested on Friday  on charges she received money from drug dealers inside the country's prisons. She is facing two more drug-related charges in the same court. The Justice Department said de Lima received five million Philippine pesos delivered by the former prison official to her home when she was justice minister between 2010 and 2016.The criminal cases filed against the senator and two others are non-bailable.

A North Korean diplomat at its embassy in Kuala Lumpur said on Friday  it did not receive any request from the Malaysian government to interview its citizens, who are "persons of interest" in the Kim Jong Nam murder case. They also want to question the second secretary at the North Korean embassy, though he has diplomatic immunity, and are seeking two other North Koreans, including an employee at the state-owned airline Air Koryo, who are still believed to be in Malaysia.

The Union Parliament held its regular meeting Friday discussing the citizens’ privacy and security protection. Concerning the Bill for Citizens Privacy and Security Protection, the Joint-Bill Committee discussed findings on different opinions between the People’s Parliament and National Parliament. Members of the Parliament also discussed Myanma Territorial Sea and Sea Zones Bill. The Parliament approved the Union Tax Bill 2017, proposed by the Ministry of National Planning and Finance.

A report on the research for natural resource ownership, management, sharing and impact was launched on Thursday.

It was conducted by Ethnic Nationalities Affairs Center, and they took about 6 months on surveying about natural resources management in Rakhine and Kachin States.

The report aim to suggest effective use and management of the natural resources as well as sustainable development and support for the peace process.

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