Trichoderma Powder: Microbial composting research for agricultural sector

21 May 2022
2022-05-21 13:59

The Department of Agricultural Research under the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation is carrying out the microbial composting research to improve the soil quality which is important for the agricultural sector.

With the aim to save costs for farmers and to reduce side effects in agricultural products, microbial compost research is being conducted by the Department of Agricultural Research.

The research is being made with the use of beneficial composting micro-organisms such as straw, cane grind, corn cobs and others that can affect in soil conservation.

Director, Department of Agricultural Research, Dr. Maw Maw Tun said "Trichoderma accelerates the plant growth and has the ability to rapidly decompose various agricultural wastes and protects from various kind of plant disease. We can use Trichoderma together with the seeds and apply in cultivated land. We are responsible to reduce agricultural wastes. To decompose the agricultural wastes rapidly, using Trichoderma powder in composting process takes only 2 months instead of normally takes 6 months."

Using microbial compost can improve soil structure, reduces the use of chemical fertilizers and provides essential nutrients for the plants and protects against from environmental pollution.

It is learnt that the pre-order for the Trichoderma powder, produced by the Department of Agricultural Research can be made within 2-weeks to 1-month.

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