Sport Sector: Kachin State Gov’t provides cash assistance to Judo team

29 May 2024
2024-05-29 14:35

Kachin State Government on Wednesday provided cash assistance to its Judo team which will participate in the 2024 State/Region U-20 Judo Competition.

In this ceremony at the People’s Sports Ground, Chief Minister U Khet Htein Nan expressed his belief that these Judokas will be able to show that they are good sportsmen for the state with mental and physical readiness. The State’s Men and Women Judo teams earned trophies and the best athlete awards.

The Chief Minister urged the athletes to try hard to gain more success than before. And, coach of the Judo Team reported matters including preparations for the 2024 State/Region U-20 Judo Competition. Then, the Chief Minister and officials provided 3.3 million Kyats for the Judo team. In return, leader of the Team made promise to gain success in the Competition.

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