Seafarers’ Recreation Center: Aiming to enhance friendship among the Seamen

25 January 2023
2023-01-25 13:55

The Seafarers’ Recreation Center will be established the Vintage Luxury Hotel (Floating Hotel) in Yangon. For establishing this center, the Myanmar Seafarers Federation held the signing ceremony on Tuesday.

According to the regulation of the International Labor Organization which established in 2006, the Federation implements to open this recreation center aiming for taking care of local seamen but also foreign seafarers and their families and to provide facilities for them such as spa, gym and the restaurant and bar for their relaxation.

Soe Min Aung, Chairman, Myanmar Seafarers Federation, said " Today, we held signing ceremony to establish the Seafarers Recreation Center as well as we held an opening ceremony which is held today here. We’re setting up this center to look after them. We welcome to the Myanmar Seafarers as well as their families. And also the seafarers who are the other nationalities who visiting Myanmar to come and visit to the seafarers’ recreation center here just to enjoy the facilities which are provided here."

The Chairman of the MSF also added that establishing this recreation center is going to enhance friendship among the seafarers from local and abroad and their families. They can also exchange information and assist each other for some requirements which they can’t be able to do it. 

The Seafarers’ Recreation Center will be opened every Friday at Vintage Luxury Hotel (Floating Hotel) Yangon for the seamen and their families.And then, the Federation arranges for the family members of the seamen to observe the entire ship. 

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