Nucleic acid test for novel coronavirus very strenuous, dangerous

21 February 2020
2020-02-21 13:22

Medical workers have been working under great pressure in testing laboratories to run the nucleic acid test for the novel coronavirus as a large number of samples have been sent to the labs every day amid the epidemic. Nucleic acid detection is an important method to screen the latent virus, playing an indispensable role in epidemic prevention and control of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Clinically, by running the nucleic acid detection on the samples, doctors can make a judgment on whether the patient is infected with coronavirus. This is not the front line dealing with patients with coronavirus, but it's a battlefield for the lab medics to confront with the virus. During the process of extracting the nucleic acid, it is possible for the virus to generate particles tinier than droplets which can spread in the air.

So testing medics must be highly concentrated on their operations while blending the samples with the detection reagents. After hours' intensive work, the leader of detection team finished the detection work on a batch of suspected novel coronavirus samples.

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