Naga region trip: Sagaing CM took inspection tour in Naga region

18 January 2022
2022-01-18 14:38

The Sagaing Region Chief Minister U Myat Kyaw together with the region government ministers and departmental officials arrived at Nan Yun Townshp of Naga Self-Administered Zone in the afternoon on 16th January and the chief minister proceeded to Theravada Buddha Sasana Missionary Central Monastery and offered offertories, foodstuffs and cash donation to the Presiding Sayadaw Baddanta Nandapala.

Next, the chief minister and party attended the ceremony of achieving full success of Pan Khin project estimation and the chief minister addressed on the efforts of the Union government and region government for the development of Naga Self-Administered Zone in the sectors of agriculture, livestock breeding, education, healthcare, economy, social, road communication and regional peace and stability and the paying special attention on the traditional customs and commemoration ceremonies of the national races.

Then, the chairman of leading body of Naga Self-Administered Zone U Tun Tun Win clarified the implementations for the regional peace and stability.

Then, the chief minister U Myat Kyaw handed over Citizen Scrutiny Cards to the Naga national races, Medal of Honor, certificate of honor and 500,000 Kyats of cash honor to the staff officer and staff members of Nan Yun Township Immigration and Population Department, 500 rice bags, 200 Solar power sets provided by the Sagaing Region government for Nan Yun, Lahe and Layshi Townships handed over to the chairman of leading body of Naga Self-Administered Zone U Tun Tun Win.

Next, the region security and border affairs minister provided 500,000 Kyats for the security forces, 500,000 Kyats by natural resource minister for Nan Yun Township departmental personnel, 500,000 Kyats by ethnic affairs minister for health personnel and volunteers, over 12.5 million Kyats provided by the ministry of social welfare, relief and resettlement for 202 households in 3 villages of Lahe Townshp were handed over to each responsible person.

And the director of Sagaing Region Development Supervision Office handed over 100 solar power sets and 10 million Kyats providedby the ministry of border affairs to the responsible official and the local Naga national races girls performed Naga traditional dances. The Chief Minister U Myat Kyaw presented foodstuff to the cultural dance group.

Then, the Chief Minister U Myat kyaw cordially greeted the township level departmental officials and local Naga national races.

Afterward, the Chief Minister viewed the COVID-19 jab for students over 12 years old at Nan Yun Township People’s Hospital, inspected Oxygen generating of the plant in the hospital compound, fulfilled necessaries and provided foodstuff for the Naga national races who are undertaking medical treatment at the hospital and foodstuffs and 500,000 Kyats of cash assistance for the doctor and nurses of the hospital.

-- End --