Lesbos locals protest migrants' presence on island

16 September 2020
2020-09-16 11:27

Dozens of Lesbos' citizens demonstrated on Tuesday in Sappho Square in the city of Mytilene, demanding the Greek government no longer hold migrants on the island. The protesters were demanding changes after the fires that destroyed the camp of Moria, forcing nearly 12,000 refugees and migrants to sleep on the streets of Kara Tepe.

The main road of Kara Tepe remains closed because of police blockades and the presence of about 12,000 asylum seekers in the area. Most of the asylum seekers are still homeless and many are refusing to leave a road, fearing they could be detained for months at a new camp which the Greek army is building. Most of the 5,000 spaces in tents on Lesbos remain empty, with only 800 migrants having agreed to relocate, officials said on Tuesday. Greece’s migration minister said the government will use force, if necessary, to move homeless migrants into the tent city.

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