Jordanian doctor transforms clinic into garden

9 July 2020
2020-07-09 12:41

Doctor Nizar Al-Halaby's love for greenery began over 35 years ago, when his aunt bought him a small plant to congratulate him on his newly opened clinic.

PLANTSMAN AND FAMILY DOCTOR, NIZAR AL-HALABY  said "Anyone who has studied psychology understands that plants are calming. Just like classical music calms one down, these plants will do the same. It is better to look at something beautiful than to look at nothing." He started planting 35 years ago and has a soft spot for cacti. He spends two hours a week watering the plants and patients seem to love it.

 PATIENT, MOHAMMAD ABU ZAINAH  said  "I've been visiting this doctor for more than 20 years, yes it has been more than 20 years, we came here as kids with our mother and would stare at the plants in the clinic. We used to play with the plants and even tried taking some home. It's been a sight to see ever since I was a kid." Doctor Nizar Al-Halaby has grown over 3,000 different kinds of plants in his small clinic in Amman.

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