JICA Media Tour: Governance, Human Security And Human Centered Approach

31 January 2020
2020-01-31 16:14

JICA Media Tour: “Governance, Human Security and Human Centered Approach” from JICA Myanmar Office to Nay Pyi Taw took place on Friday. 

JICA is working to meet the needs for infrastructure to promote economic development, as well as implement an economic reform program as assistance to reform the economy through capacity development. JICA is also planning to provide cooperation for urban development in Yangon, along with port and transportation network infrastructure, as support that will lead to economic growth.

Before the media tour, JICA’s Project for Capacity Development of Legal, Judicial and Relevant Sectors in Myanmar was explained.

JICA Chief Representative, Mr. Karasawa Masayuki said “JICA is an international cooperation agency for the economic development cooperation of the Japanese Government. We are working for the various infrastructure projects like loan, urban development, and power sector as well as human capacity development. These are the base loads of our operation. We have already spent more than five years in the civil priority sector time to time we chose. Before, we focus on some capacity development related legal officers including the Supreme Court, lawyers and judges.”

JICA Chief Representative also clarified the assistance for the development of judicial sector and public Media sector.

JICA Chief Representative, Mr. Karasawa Masayuki said “At the same time, we focus on the judicial development for the economic issues. Today, we’d like to explain we focus on the mediation process. That is daily dispute among the people. That should be mitigated this potential risks for the larger dispute, provide the chance to many usual people to insist their own life. At the moment, we don’t have a program or plan to support private Medias directly. However, through our cooperation to the MRTV, we can share our experience to the private sector. That’s difficult for financial support. The knowledge sharing and technical cooperation are the supportable areas to the private sector.”

JICA is implementing projects on Education, Health, Water Resources and Disaster Management, social security, ICT, Natural Environment Conservation, Poverty Reduction, fisheries and infrastructure.

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