Inspection of cultivation and livestock: Model cultivation & livestock breeding zone inspected

3 April 2024
2024-04-03 21:12

Vice Chairman of the State Administration Council Deputy Commander In Chief of Defense Services Commander In Chief (Army) Vice Senior General Soe Win accompanied by the members inspected the Livestock Breeding and Training Battalion and looked round the cultivation of seasonal crops, Jade Tissue Banana, layer chicken raising in poultry housing with evaporative cooling system, breeding dairy cows and beef cattle with artificial insemination and DYL pig farm in the model cultivation and livestock breeding zone and gave necessary instructions on the clarifications by the related inspection officials.

Next, pumpkin, gourd, long bean, chili pepper, lady finger, mustard, eggplant etc. selling in the battalions and companies and outside with fair price and the experimental producing natural fertilizers from the animal waste were viewed and the related inspection officials clarified.

Then, the SAC Vice Chairman and party also inspected the raising layer chicken, display of equipment for artificial insemination and the pig farm. Regarding with the raising pig, the SAC Vice Chairman instructed to conduct the research on raising pigs with the artificial insemination and increase raising pigs for meat.

After that, the Vice Senior General and party inspected the integrated farming (Ba Htoo San) of Tatmadaw (Army) Combat Training School (Ba Htoo), developing new cultivated land and coordinated requirements.

-- End --