Hong Kong bans CBD as ‘dangerous drug’

1 February 2023
2023-02-01 19:31

Hong Kong will ban CBD as a “dangerous drug” and mandating harsh penalties for its smuggling, production and possession. Authorities decided last year to prohibit the marijuana-derived substance.

The country's first CBD café opened in 2020 and the ban will force scores of businesses to remove CBD-infused gummies, drinks and other products, or shut down altogether. Chan Kai-ho, Divisional Commander, Customs Airport Command said “I mean, for the long run, we have to conduct education, to let the people know that CBD is kind of like dangerous drug, like heroin or cocaine.

So, I mean, on the one hand we have to conduct enforcement actions, and on the other hand we have to conduct education, publicity, to let all the people know that some products in other parts of the world is not under control, but in Hong Kong, yes, CBD is under control.” After the introduction of the ban, anyone travelling into Hong Kong with any CBD product can be prosecuted. Penalties include up to life in prison and a 5 million Hong Kong dollar fine for importing, exporting or producing CBD.

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