HK$15 million of suspect COVID-19 drugs seized since January

6 February 2023
2023-02-06 10:57

Since January, Hong Kong Customs has detected 33 medicine smuggling cases and seized 257,000 tablets of COVID-19 oral drugs with an estimated value of about $1.91 million, said Lie Yan-ning, of Hong Kong Customs’ Syndicate Crimes Investigation Bureau on Friday.

Some 20 people have been arrested on suspicion of importing drugs without a license or possessing unregistered poisons.1. Divisional Commander said that since January this year, Hong Kong Customs has noticed an increase in the number of illegal imported cases of COVID-19 oral drugs.  Most of the drugs seized came from India, Bangladesh, the Netherlands, Thailand and other European countries. They immediately launched a special enforcement operation against smuggling COVID-19 oral drugs.

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