Ground inspection tour: Kachin State CM made inspections in Myitkyina

20 November 2023
2023-11-20 16:55

Led by Kachin State Government, the collective cleaning activities are being conducted every Saturday in towns and villages.

On 18th of November, the collective cleaning works had been done in the compound of Basic Education High Schools in Myitkyina township. These undertakings were observed by the Kachin State Chief Minister U Khet Htein Nan and state ministers.

First, the district and township level departmental officials and members of Myanmar police force made cleaning bushes and collecting garbage in the compound of No.3 Basic Education High School. Similarly, the state ministers and members oversaw the similar activities in the compound of No.2 Basic Education High School and observed the arrangements for Clean and Green School Program. 

Then, the chief minister and party encouraged reciting the religious verses of young students Wut associations in the 28th Inter-Basic Education Schools competition for selection of the best reciting teams of the verses of Buddhist Scriptures  and the chief minister donated 2 million kyats for the competition. 

Afterwards, the Chief Minister and party met with the local farmers at 100 acres model cultivation plot which was made by the Agricultural Mechanization Department with State Government Fund and cordially discussed about the cultivation and increasing production of moonsoon paddy. 

After that, the chief minister and party provided sunflower seeds and soy bean seeds bags. From there, chief minister and party inspected the moonsoon paddy harvesting conditions within 100 acres Bala MinHtin model cultivation plot in Mankhein Industrial Zone of Myitkyina township.

Moreover, the chief minister and party inspected the designated land plots for the departmental organizations on vacant and fallow 500 acres land in MawPhaung village tract. During the inspection, the concerned officials explained about the implementation progress and the chief minister coordinated necessary matters.

Later, the state chief minister inspected tar paving on ZaKhone road section, digging drainages on each side of the road, continuing the remaining road section and  coordinated the necessary matters in terms of effective implementations for land measurements.

-- End --