Grand Event: WLC To Organize A Grand Lethwei Event

28 July 2019
2019-07-28 09:42

World Lethwei Championship briefed on Dave Leduc for the WLC Debut at Pyay Garden Hotel in Yangon on Saturday.

WLC will organize a Grand Lethwei Event “King Of Nine Limbs” featuring nine bouts including two matches of world Lethwei title holders and first women’s division bout.

As the main event, 28 years old Dave Leduc from Canada will face his opponent 38 years old Seth Baczynski from USA who is a world cruiser weight championship title holder.

Lethwei World Champion, Dave Leduc said “The WLC has a vision with me to bring Myanmar Lethwei to the world and people need to understand and I think people start understand that if Myanmar Lethwei is popular worldwide, is goanna bring economic, tourism to Myanmar. So is very important that we care about Lethwei. I can see that everybody is caring and now everybody is excited. So I’m excited too and I trained really hard and my goal is to get a new belt in my collection.”

Under the Myanmar traditional boxing system, the opponents will fight at world cruiser weight, light middle weight, featherweight, women bantamweight, lightweights and the preliminary matches respectively.

The grand event is set to start on 2nd August at Mandalar Thiri Indoor Stadium in Mandalay.

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