A flock of sheep move to winter pastures by Sayram lake in Xinjiang

3 December 2022
2022-12-03 19:31

A herd of sheep were on their journey to winter pastures by Sayram lake at -18 °C in northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Herders started to drive their livestock to winter pastures in Bole City, Xinjiang. The journey will take them deep into the snow-capped mountains. Herders and their livestock travel over land and water, forming a spectacular sight.

Snowfall hit Sayram lake and brought challenges for herders to transfer their livestock. Bole City provided daily supplies such as hot water and food for the herdsmen during the journey. At present, Bole City has provided 760,000 acres of grassland to ensure the safety of 86,000 livestock in winter.

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