Fish Catching Festival : Fish Catching Festival was held in Mon State

25 January 2023
2023-01-25 13:10

Aquatic products stand as a key role of provisions for humans.There are various types of aquatic products - wet fish, dried fish, fish paste, fish sauce, dried shrimp and salted fish, etc.

The role of fish is important in Myanmar.There are 24 Garand lakes in Mon State.Daung Din Lake which situated at the ngapu inn village of Kyaikmaraw Township is the representative of the lake that can prove the abundance of aquatic products.The wide of the landlocked lake is 74 acres entering Athtayan River. Fish catching festival was held at Daung Din Lake.

Depending on the depth of the lake water, fish festival was set except days of religious significance.At the fish catching festival night, the festival was held crowdly with dramas (zat) and shops Daung Din Inn fish catching festival was held annually in Tabodwe month .Before starting the festival, they worshiped lake spirit 7 days ago.During the festival, they have a chance to catch the fish one day .Anyone who can catch at the festival and they have to give license fees to event committee.

Depending on creek locations, the method of catching fish and fish catching tools can be varied, it is learnt.

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