Education Matters: Training on Effective Strategies for New Curriculum

29 May 2024
2024-05-29 13:55

Chin State Chief Minister Dr. Wong Hsun Htan addressed the Training on Effective Strategies for New Curriculum completion ceremony supervised by the Hakha Education Degree College.

In this ceremony at the Chin State Government office in Hakha Township, the Chief Minister said that teachers also need to do lifelong learning in order to fully provide students with the advanced knowledge of the 21stcentury. Therefore, this short-term training was conducted for basic education teachers.

He also expressed his belief that through this training, the teachers will gain 5 C's of the 21stcentury education - critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration and characterand 5 kinds of English skills - listening, speaking, writing, reading and thinking to share with students.

And, principal of the Hakha Education Degree College explained status of trainees. Then, the Chief Minister and officials presented awards to the outstanding trainees and certificates of completion to all the trainees.

-- End --