Destructive Acts: PDF Terrorists Set Fire, Destroy Schools In Marathein Village

14 January 2022
2022-01-14 14:54

It has been issued that the security members attacked the so called PDF terrorists who conducted destructive acts by surrounding sand bags around inside and outside of the school fence in Marathein village, planting mines, constructing sandbag bunkers and terrorist training camps and setting up the school as a stronghold in order to carry out terrorist acts in HteeChaik Township of Sagaing Region.

The terrorist groups who retreated in disarray by the attacks of security force, returned to the village on 13th January at around 9:30 pm while the security forces were conducting security measures in the region. They set arson attack and destroyed the school not to remain the evidences of their encampment.

The terrorists opened fire on the security forces by protecting educational buildings and houses in the villages. The arson attack to village schools affects learning education of the students but also prohibiting education enhancement that provides regional development on the other hand.

Their acts violate war crime according to the Geneva Conventions and International Law and the locals loathe these acts. It is reported that the security members will expose and eliminate those who committed terrorist acts. If there is any information about the terrorist groups, inform the relevant authorities secretly and cooperate for the stability of the region. 

-- End --