Crumbling hill hinders Kashmir tunnel collapse rescue

21 May 2022
2022-05-21 09:14

Rescue work at the site of a tunnel collapse in Indian-administered Kashmir was hampered on Friday due to a landslide close to the tunnels entrance. Emergency services personnel had been searching for nine workers believed to still be trapped after a section of the passage caved in on Thursday night.

The tunnel is part of a mountainous highway system that was under construction when it collapsed Thursday night in the southern Ramban district. Ramban district officials had announced earlier Friday the body of one man from the eastern state of West Bengal had been recovered.

An official at the government's disaster management department said a further three workers we being treated at a hospital. The tunnel is part of a vast network of bridges and tunnels on the strategic highway that connects two key cities of Srinagar and Jammu in the region.

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