Covid-19 Impact: Weaving Workshops Resumed Businesses Amid Challenges

4 June 2020
2020-06-04 13:45

Weaving Industries in Kan Pyar Gyi village of Monywa Township have been faced some difficulties to resume their operations due to lack of raw materials and market opportunity.

As road transportation temporarily closed across the country to prevent the spread of COVID-19 disease, it also interrupted the transportation of goods and raw materials.

The weaving workshops were  also suspended for over two months, and some have resumed their businesses amid the challenges.

Weaver, Daw Tint said “Although the weaving gets started with the use of the remaining yarns in hand, there are some difficulties to make trade and transport our products to the cities.”  

It is learnt that the raw materials needed for weaving industry in Kan Pyar Gyi Village have been exported from India via the merchants from MonYwa Township. The finished products are also sent to MonYwa for distribution.

 Weaver , Kyi Kyi Khine said “As the markets were closed to prevent the disease, there is no way to make trade and there is no more raw materials to resume the weaving.”  

Although the cottage industry has low income, some locals are still engaging in the weaving business as a traditional handiwork, according to the Information and Public Relations Department.

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