Commercial debut of first China-built cruise ship to start in 2024

21 September 2023
2023-09-21 15:52

China's first domestically-built large cruise ship, the Adora Magic City, is scheduled to begin its maiden voyage on January 1, 2024, marking the beginning of its commercial operation, said its operator Adora Cruises Limited on Tuesday.

The cruise ship, scheduled to depart from the Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal on the first day of next year, will provide a unique cruise experience with gourmet food, entertaining shows and world-class shopping at sea.

The Adora Magic City, measuring 323.6 meters in length with a gross tonnage of 135,500 tones, has a total of 2,125 guest rooms and 22 distinctive restaurants and bars. It can accommodate up to 5,246 passengers. The company revealed the Northeast Asia route of the cruise from Shanghai on Tuesday. It will also launch routes to countries in Southeast Asia in the future.

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