Colourful Lanterns for Thadingyut: Local Business owners make traditional oil-paper lanterns

7 October 2022
2022-10-07 14:48

Min Hla Township of Bago Region is making traditional oil-paper lantern and handmade toys businesses on manageable scale for the upcoming Myanmar's traditional Thadingyut Lighting Festival.  

In making Myanmar traditional colorful lanterns, hand-made lighting toys with wheels, the paper lanterns and related products are created with glass papers, oil papers based on bamboo, shaping various toys and lanterns such as elephants, chickens, rabbits, airplanes, stars etc. 

Zaw Min Naing, Lantern Business Owner, Myo Thit Street, Min Hla Township said "I have been working in this business for more than 6 to 7 years and we also create colorful lanterns and toys if we get orders from customers. "

One of the lantern business owners said that they have done a colorful lantern business about 26 years and their business is well as well as they get extra income. 

Nyo Nyo Win, Colorful Oil-paper Lantern Business Owner, Min Hla Tsp, Bago Region said "I have been doing this business since 1996 and we started making lanterns with rabbit toys. We have operated our business for about 26 years and we have already created almost 1,000 dolls during that period and due to extra income, this business really supports for our family. "

Zaw Min Naing, Lantern Business Owner,Myo Thit Street, Min Hla Township said "In the previous year, the price was at 1,200 kyats per lantern. This year, the prices of the raw materials are gone up and we sell at the price of 1,300 kyats per lantern for the wholesale market. If customers want to buy the lanterns at retail, the price is at 1500 kyats per one."

Traditional colored lantern business is one of the Myanmar handicraft arts and these seasonal products are sold all over Myanmar depending on the local demand during Thadingyut period. 

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