Chilean police fire weapons to disperse protesters

22 October 2019
2019-10-22 12:03

in the coastal city of Valparaiso, Chile, police used gunshots to disperse protesters on Monday as looting and violent clashes rocked several cities in the South American country and thousands of Chileans took to the streets to protest high living costs.

The recent crisis was sparked by protests over a hike in public transport fares but reflects simmering anger over intense economic inequality in Chile, as well as costly health, education and pension systems. calling for the ouster of President Sebastian Pinera, a largely youthful and peaceful crowd filled Santiago's Plaza Italia and overflowed into surrounding streets. A fresh curfew was announced to run from 8 p.m. on Monday until 6 a.m. on Tuesday in the city. Several Chilean cities have been placed in a state of emergency.

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