Bolivian doctors struggle to contain surge in deadly arenavirus

12 July 2019
2019-07-12 13:24

Bolivian doctors are struggling to contain and identify the source of a surge in arenavirus that has killed three people, including two doctors, so far. A fourth patient, also a doctor, is currently in intensive care. Doctors and health care professionals protested on Thursday, following the death of two colleagues from the arenavirus. Their colleagues took to the streets to demand Bolivia improve biosafety measures in health care and improve the quality and amount of equipment supplied to hospitals. Meanwhile, doctors are working to identify the subtype of arenavirus, which so far has remained a mystery. Dr. Oscar Oliden said the virus attacks the digestive, neurological, hematopoietic and rental systems, causing the organs to shut down.

Bolivian Health Minister said authorities are making every effort to save lives. The World Health Organization in Bolivia said that there are currently no new suspected or confirmed cases. The virus first appeared in early June. The Medical Association of Bolivia is calling on authorities to declare a health alert.

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