Beauty & Night Of Bagan: 4-Day Art Exhibition “Beauty And Night Of Bagan (2) In Yangon

19 August 2019
2019-08-19 16:39

The 4-day Art Exhibition “Beauty and Night of Bagan (2)” is still running at Pansuriya in Botahtaung Township of Yangon.

In honor of UNESCO World Heritage Site Bagan, at this exhibition, artist Khin Than Phyu is displaying her paintings depicting night scenes, fine arts, heritage and Myanmar traditional architecture in Bagan.

Artist, Khin Than Phyu said “This is mainly about the traditional architecture in Bagan. There are a large number of pagodas in Bagan with different architectural designs. It makes me amazed and I’m really proud of the architectural designs in Bagan. That’s why my exhibition here is in honour of Bagan.”

Acrylic and oil paintings are on display including the most massive structure in Bagan-Dhammayangyi Temple, Thatbyinnyu Cave and other rare precious sites.

Artist, Khin Than Phyu said “We now can’t see the view of Thatbyinnyu Cave like in my painting. Because I had painted the view of Thatbyinnyu Cave based on the image in 1994. And I have a lot of rare images of Bagan and I’ll draw the paintings based on fresco, architecture and many more of Bagan.”

The Artist organized the exhibitions “Beauty and Night of Bagan” in 1994, “My Golden Annual” in 2001, “My Diamond Annual” in 2011 and “Beethoven in My Dream” in 2018.

This exhibition “Beauty of Night Bagan (2)” will run till 20th August from 10am to 6pm.

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