Baidu Releases Ernie Bot Chatbot, for AI solutions

17 March 2023
2023-03-17 16:25

Chinese search giant and AI solution provider Baidu unveiled its artificial intelligence-powered chatbot on Thursday, becoming the first major Chinese company to unveil a deep-learning model after ChatGPT. It’s a new-generation large language model and generative AI product.

The founder demonstrated the product’s diverse capabilities in literary creation and business copywriting at the press conference. Its voice and image generation capabilities were also demonstrated at the press conference. Baidu CEO Robin Li said at a press conference in Beijing that Ernie Bot is not a countermeasure against Open AI's initiative, but a natural result from its long-term research efforts.

The highlight of the exhibition is the multi-modal generation ability of Ernie Bot. Given a proposition for him to create a poster for the World Intelligent Transportation Conference, AI easily completed the task, even when the video was subsequently generated with a high quality of completion.

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