Baby with 'Batman' birthmark has first round of treatment in Russia

1 December 2019
2019-12-01 12:17

Luna Fenner is an American toddler who is battling a rare skin condition that appears as a dark mask-like patch around her face. She made a public appearance in Russia's southern city of Krasnodar on Saturday following her first round of treatment. Eight-month-old Luna took part in a news conference alongside her mother and Russian doctor, who specializes in skin disorders. During the first course of treatment, Luna underwent a series of procedures to remove a congenital melanocytic nevus from her forehead and the edges of her eyelids. The condition causes abnormally dark blemishes and is associated with higher risks of developing skin cancer.

After Luna's story gained media attention, Carol was contacted by Russian doctor who said that his methods would require less time and be gentler towards the baby's sensitive facial skin so she took the decision to come to Russia.

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