Arsene Wenger on new phase of FIFA's talent development programme

19 March 2023
2023-03-19 17:45

FIFA's Chief of Global Football Development, Arsene Wenger, laid out plans to set up specialised football academies in every one of the governing body's member states at a congress in Zurich on Friday.

Arsene Wenger, Chief of Global Football Development, FIFA said "We analysed the whole world and we realised that in half of the world, talented children, be they boys or girls, have no possibility of developing their talent. We realised as well, by analysing football in the world, that the best countries, the 20 best FIFA-ranked countries, are the countries who have the highest level of education at youth level. That's why we said that we have to do something about that and create a Talent Development Scheme all over the world, in every single country." 

200 million USD will be allocated over a three-year period for FIFA's Talent Development Scheme, the main objective being to create a sustainable legacy for long-term talent development.

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