Argentines pay final respects to ex-president de la Rua

10 July 2019
2019-07-10 14:59

On Tuesday, friends and family of Fernando de la Rua, Former President of Argentina, gathered for a vigil in Buenos Aires. De la Rua passed away after falling ill with heart problems. He was 81 years old. Argentina's current president Mauricio Macri said De la Rua's service deserved the recognition of all Argentines. De la Rua won election in 1999 with a reputation for being dull.

That appealed to Argentines weary of the tabloid personal life of his flamboyant predecessor, Carlos Menem, who was losing control of the economy by the end of his second term. But De la Rua was forced to leave office before completing his first term as the economy spiraled out of control and Argentines protested. He initially enjoyed strong approval ratings, but he inherited an economy that was becoming increasingly mired in debt and dogged by growing discontent over high unemployment.

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