7-Day Meditation Camp: Embracing the practice of Vipassana

14 April 2024
2024-04-14 16:09

Amidst Thingyan, the most sacred and auspicious occasion of Myanmar’s Buddhist populace, citizens from every corner of the country are performing meritorious deeds such as keeping Sabbath, meditating, paying homage to the pagodas and monasteries, dedicating to the Lord Buddha.
In Mon State, a 7-day meditation course has been conducted at the Samanya-MogokVipassanaMeditation Centerof SanTan Monastery during Thingyan period.
The meditation course has been conducted consecutively for more than 33 years under the auspices of the Presiding Sayadaw.
BhaddhantaSawbhana, Samanya-MogokVipassanaMeditation Center, Presiding NayakaSayadaw said "It has been 33 years since Thingyan special meditation course first conducted when I started taking responsibility as a Presiding Sayadaw. According to a Myanmar saying, “A good beginning ensures a satisfactory ending”, we have to embark on a New Year by embracing MingalarDhamma in accordance with the profound teachings of Buddha. "
The course is specifically designed for monks, nuns and Vipassanameditators, intending to purify the three main roots of evil, anger, greed, and delusion and promote the practice of Vipassana.
Yogi, Son Whae said "I joined this meditation course starting at 5pm on the 4th waning of Tagu and received the eight precepts from the Presiding Sayadaw. I have joined the course more than 10 times now. At first, it posed some challenges, but now I have come to enjoy the meditation practice. At this monastery, I frequently made donations and I’d like to encourage all Buddhist devotees in Myanmar and around the world to diligently engage in Dhamma practice, on this auspicious occasion."
This 7-day Meditation Course extends from the 5th to the 11th of Waning Day of Tagu, 1385 Myanmar Era.

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