2023 World Robot Expo: Humanoid, healthcare robots steal spotlight

21 August 2023
2023-08-21 10:13

The week-long 2023 World Robot Conference (WRC), which runs from August 16 to 22 in Beijing, has drawn 160 exhibitors from home and abroad to display 600 products. Featuring "Robot+" scenarios for the first time, this year's WRC includes more than 30 forums besides the expo, showing the latest technologies and products in 10 fields including medical services and agriculture.Humanoid robots are undoubtedly the highlight of the conference.

They have skin and expressions similar to those of humans, and can even synchronize with the screen to imitate human expressions.With an adorable appearance and realistic touches, another companion robot, metaCat, can accompany the elderly or provide emotional support to special groups.

A dazzling array of healthcare robots on show can be used in surgery, auxiliary inspection, rehabilitation, inspection and sampling, and disinfection and cleaning. The functions of robots that can play a more comprehensive role in elderly care, for example disability assistance, nursing, rehabilitation training, housework, emotional escort and leisure, are also on display at the exhibition.

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