Yangon Region Parliament: Farming, Safety Focused

18 February 2019

Yangon Region Parliament held its regular meeting on Monday.

U Kyaw Min Han from Latha Constituency No. 2 enquired about plans to give awareness training to the famers to reduce the overuse of fertilizers and insecticides and to take actions against those do the overuse. He also raised a question on cross-border fruits and cereals checking process.

A concerned official replied that the government is now giving theoretical and practical training in about 20 acres of standard farmlands in 17 townships of Yangon Region.

Besides, department of agriculture sells organic foods every Wednesday. The concerned department always ensures that fruits and cereals are with checked with the ASEAN Standards in 12 border gates in Myanmar.

U Yan Shin form Mayangone Constituency No. 1 raised a question to inspect and maintain the Emergency iron steps in 5-storey and above buildings. Yangon Mayor replied that the government has already recommended the use of concreted steps since 2012 and plans are underway to enact law and give awareness training on maintenance of the steps.