Yangon Photo Festival: Asia's Largest Photo And Advocacy Festival Back

19 February 2019

Asia's largest photo and advocacy festival is back from the 18th of February to the 4th of March.

A press briefing for this 11th Yangon Photo Festival was held at the French Institute in Yangon on Tuesday. The Festival is with a series of free exhibitions, activities, screenings and parties at Goethe Villa, Mahabandoola Park and the French Institute. It brings together over 200 photos and short photo documentaries by artists from Myanmar and across the world to raise the awareness on some of the world's most pressing social issues and environmental threats such as climate change and illegal wildlife trade.

Founder and Director, Yangon Photo Festival (YPF), Christophe Loviny said … "some very strong, powerful photo stories about important issues. Examples about climate change, about the wildlife, the last Myanmar elephant, for example under the same time, it's an opportunities to meet new people, to party together, people from all around Myanmar that will come and also people from the whole region as well as Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and enjoy make new friends, enjoy being together, and talk about at the same time be conscious about what is what are the important issues today in Myanmar."

The works displayed in this festival are by famous international photographers and also from Myanmar's minority ethnic groups from Kayah, Chin, Kachin and Rakhine states, where the YPF organized photo festivals and trainings in 2018.

Austrian Artist, Lukas Birk said "Well my interest has been here for a long time I've been working since 2013. Every year, I'm coming to Myanmar and interviewing photographers.” “And for me, it's fascinating to talk to photographers to talk to people who have worked for many many years through very different historic parts of Myanmar history and to get to know their stories basically. And then, I've collected a lot of actual photographs and materials over the years. And thus for me, it's a huge fascinating to understand what photographers have done a hundred years ago, fifty years ago and twenty years ago."

The 11th Yangon Photo Festival will open at Goethe Villa on 25th February with a series of artistic shows and party. It will also set up a Photo Village on Mahabandoola Park from 22nd to 24th February. It will culminate on 24th at French Institute with the competition for best Photo-story of the Year. The Yangon Photo Festival drew in 150,000 visitors, making it the biggest event of its kind in Asia in 2018.