Yangon Bus Service: Yangon Region Transport Authority Holds Press Briefing

15 May 2019
2019-05-15 16:51

Yangon Bus Service (YBS) was launched on 16 January 2017, replacing the Yangon Motor Vehicles Supervisory Committee (Ma Hta Tha).

The new transport network system reduced and coordinated the number of bus lines, from around 300 to 61. It also aims to reduce traffic and commute time of around 2 million commuters inconvenienced by buses that were overcrowded, schedules unpredictable and the driving unsafe. Yangon Region Transport Authority (YRTA) has replaced about 60% of the old buses with new ones with card payment system on some buses. The authority is working to install telesystem into the buses and to have new bus stops in Yangon Region. JICA supports Yangon Region Government and YRTA for the better transportation system under “Project for Improving of Public Bus Service in Yangon”.

Joint Secretary, Yangon Region Transport Authority, Hla Aung said “JICA has been helping since we launched YBS system. They provide consultations, workshops and trainings to us, bus lines and drivers under the bus system improvement. We’ve already conducted Bottleneck Removal Pilot Project at 3 bus stops to ensure the smooth and safety movement. We will continue the project as we’ve got fruitful results.”

Currently, over 100 bus lines are operating with more than 4,000 buses in the city daily.

Joint Secretary, Yangon Region Transport Authority, Hla Aung said “There were about 4000 bus stops in Yangon - we now need to confirm the number of bus stops. Last year, YCDC and FMIDecaux singed MoU to install 500 smart bus stops featuring facilities, advertising displays and time information - about 200 were installed so far. We need to change the locations of bus stops under the MoU. We designated new bus stops at commuters’ requests.”

It’s also learnt that YRTA allowed City Transit Company to operate circulator bus line in Yangon. The bus line will operate with 39 Scania buses this month from Aung Mingalar Bus Station and around the city. The bus fare is 1,000 Kyats for the whole route.


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